Hey y’all! Welcome to my blog Chasing Grace!

I was born and raised just outside Baltimore in Timonium, Maryland. Currently, I live in Gainesville, Florida and attend the University of Florida where I just finished my second year.  Pursuing both degrees in dance and wild ecology and conservation, my life can get a little hectic but that’s what makes it fun.

My red hair is easily my most associable characteristic as well as my obsession with and mermaids. You’ll almost always either find me eating or complaining that I’m hungry. I’d much rather spend my day outside exploring in my Eno then cooped up inside but cuddling up with my cat while watching The Office is a great alternative. I’m not totally sure what I want to do with the rest of my life, but as long as I’m in good company, traveling, eating great food and fueling my creativity, I’ll be more than happy.

The name “Chasing Grace” came from the quote, “Grace means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of shame.” I think that I’m constantly on a quest to continue to remind myself that life is about making the best out of everything and loving both what you’re given and what’s taken from you. “Grace” is unmerited love and forgiveness, something I seek for and from myself, hence “Chasing Grace.”

My goal with all of this is just to share little bits of my life with everyone who visits my blog. From my the great places I visit and the good food I eat, to my DIY crafts and impulse buys on spontaneous shopping trips and just about anything in-between.

Thank you so much for visiting and sharing this process with me!


Grace, xo