Much Needed Mini-cation

Changing my flight to stay with four people I’ve only known for two weeks in a foreign country was the best decision I have ever made. 

We’ve been staying at Sophie’s Guest House (I would highly recommend staying here to anyone looking at going to Caye Caulker). It was super cheap but really nice and we’re right on the beach and next to all the bars. 
From napping in hammocks for a few hours to enjoying Caye Caulker’s night life and from snorkeling with sharks and rays to eating and shopping at the local markets, this mini-cation was exactly what the doctor ordered after a month in the jungle.

Shoutout to Emily, Sarah, Karlie, and Jordan for letting me crash with you all and putting up with me (even when I gave you a black eye, borrowed your clothes and made you rub aloe all over me). It’s weird to think that I don’t know when I’ll see you guys next but Gainesville is always a blast and the UF/Tennessee game isn’t too far away…

As amazing as this has been, I’m definitely starting to miss the states and all my friends back home. I can’t wait to be back in Florida tomorrow and share more about my time here in Belize. 

See y’all soon,



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