Just Can’t Have Enough

Belize just can’t shake me.

Just when I thought my time here was almost over, I managed to find a way to stay here a few extra nights. Tomorrow, instead of going to the airport, I’ll be making my way back to Caye Caulker with three of my new friends from UT (holla at my parents for changing my flight and all).

I just couldn’t quite bring myself to leave quite yet and I wish I could stay here forever (but not quite because a comfy bed and nice shower sound good right about now). The idea of going back home and to reality sound unreal to me right now so I’m just going to ignore it and enjoy this last few days in this beautiful country.

The last month though has been unreal and it hasn’t hit me yet that I’m saying goodbye to all the students tomorrow, especially the Tennessee half of them. We’ve already made plans to meet up in Gainesville for the UF/UT game in September but I’m definitely going to miss them a lot.

I’ll try and debrief my trip after I get home when I can actually process everything that’s happening.


Talk to you soon with an update from the beach,



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