Into the Jungle

Whelp, we’re swapping our forest cabanas (pictured above) for the jungle and I will be without internet for a hot minute (and by a hot minute I mean a week).

We’ll be driving out to the Chiquibul forest (where the pin is on the map) and we are currently in La Democracia in the Belize District. Belize is bordered by Guatemala on the western border and Mexico on the Northern border. I was previously on the peninsula (located on the upper east side of the map below) close to San Pedro.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 5.54.18 PM

When we get out to the jungle we will be staying at the Las Cuevas Research Station where we will be conducting group mini-projects.


My team will be overseen by Dr. Michael Andreu, a professor from the UF School of Forest Resources and Conservation, and we will be looking at habitat influences on lepidopteran communities. That’s fancy scientist talk for observing different areas Belizean butterflies and moths live in. Our team is composed of three UF students (including myself) and two UT students.

Can’t wait to see what all is out there in the Chiquibul, maybe add some more to my bug bite collection, and see how our research project plays out.


See y’all in a week!



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