Hey from Belize

Hey world.

After many attempts at trying to contact the outside world, I have finally done it. 

I am so exhausted and rushing to post this as I am not sure when the wifi will cut out again but Ill try to write as much as I can think of right now.

I left for JAX at around 4:45am on Friday the 5th (bless your heart Brad for waking up that early for me) and eventually finagled my uncaffeinated self through security and to the gate (stopping for a venti Starbucks dark roast along the way). With close to 3.5 hours to kill in Miami, I got some major Netflixing done. I started “Dear White People” and let me just say that it is phenomenal. I’ll probably get into it more on a future post about my Netlix list and binges but if you haven’t watched it yet, go watch.

A few hours in MIA later I boarded my flight to Belize City. I was #blessed to be seated next to a woman with a 6-month-old who proceeded to complain to the flight attendants about how her seat was not large enough for her and her child (as if they could do something about it). While she made the flight attendants dig around in her bag for her “missing”/ “stolen” phone (which was in her pocket), the captain made an announcement that the flight was delayed due to storms. After a lot more of the “we’ll be taking off in 10 minutes” bs, we finally were ready to leave and I made one last call to my mom, texted my friends and shut my data off.

Super pressed for time when I landed in Belize City around 2pm, I rushed my way through immigration and customs and grabbed a taxi. I was slightly panicked considering I had to catch the 3pm water taxi to arrive in San Pedro on time to meet up with the rest of the class but I did make it and ended up in San Pedro.

A very sweaty version of myself rolled up with my luggage onto the beach and finally got to meet everyone else I would be spending the next week with. We took vans to the Tropical Research and Education Center where we were greeted by the most beautiful facilities. 

I’ll be making another post that goes more in depth about what exactly the TREC does and everyone here but we settled into our rooms after introductions.

Dinner was the most amazing way to end out a long day. I mean…look at this…


Post-dinner was a debriefing about living in Belize and what to expect the next week conducted in our “classroom.”

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

After relaxing in the hammocks with the rest of the girls, we decided to go out into town with Dr. G around 8:30 pm. We found ourselves at a local bar where we drank Belize’s signature Belikin beer and sang “Party in the USA” karaoke (our first attempt at karaoke at “Sexy Back” was cringe worthy and horrible).

When Dr. G left before us, we thought we definitely knew the way back to the TREC. We were wrong. It started storming and in our running to escape the rain and lightning on the beach, we missed our turn and lost our way a little. Thank god a taxi driver pitied us and gave us a free ride back to the TREC where we rinsed off and I promoptly passed out (I mean that was long day).

8 am was breakfast and boy was that a way to wake up in the morning.FullSizeRender 16.jpg

We then headed out for the boat around 9 am this morning and I will save all of those adventures for another time while I wait for my GoPro to connect and download my photos. Let’s just say that I saw the most beautiful reef and encountered a sea turtle or two along with a lot of rays and other fish.

My internet connection here is extremely slow and touch-and-go so I’m not sure when I will be able to post again but I promise I will try to soon. For those of you trying to message me, I’m trying to respond I promise.

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Talk to y’all soon



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