I Can’t Belize It

With only two more days until I leave the country for Belize, it still hasn’t hit me that it’s really happening.

I’ve been in Jacksonville for the past week(ish) and I’m just praying I remembered to pack everything I need for Belize when I left Gainesville. At this point though I’ve figured that as long as I have my passport and some clothes, I’ll be set. I’m just trying to take in the good food and nice showers now while I can and sleep as much as possible.

Also, still not 100% sure what to expect at all during this trip. While I have gotten basic itineraries (below) of what we will be doing each day, it’s all rather up in the air right now which is both terrifying and beyond exciting.

Another uncertainty is how much access to the internet, my computer, and/or phone I will have. That being said, I will be taking loads of pictures and videos and attempt to edit and upload them as soon and often as possible. As far as communication, I’ll be able to be reached by Facebook but WhatsApp is probably going to be better for those of you text me on the regular (you just have to download the app and it’s basically like texting and calling like with a phone).

So be sure to keep up with me on everything through here (subscribe below), Instagram (@glandefeld), and on Facebook.

See y’all soon






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